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A few of our biggest clients:

General Electric
Hamilton Standard
Pratt & Whitney
Rolls Royce 

The Balancing Company started with one balancing machine and twenty five square feet of space. Today, the company's modern 53,000 square foot facility houses a complete staff of engineers, technicians and quality assurance department dedicated to solving vibrations problems. We have over fifty balancing machines capable of balancing parts as small as a gram up to 50,000 pounds, 11 feet in diameter and 60 feet in length.

Our company services include; shop balancing, field balancing, spin/burst testing, rotating equipment repair, balancing machine repair and machinery vibration monitoring.

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At The Balancing Company, Inc. there is no such thing as a good vibration!

[Disclaimer] The Balancing Company, Inc.  by means of certification  or otherwise, does not verify the safety, suitability, use, or the fitness for a particular purpose or unintended purpose of any part or parts.  Therefore, The Balancing Company, Inc. disclaims any and all potential liability stemming from the use of any test results.

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